Charting His Course

  • Charting His Course

    Wataru's Story

  • I'm studying navigational shipping at Tokai University in Japan.

    My dream is to travel and work around the world on
    a ship.

  • It is necessary to learn English to become a sailor. A crew on a ship might be from the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, or Indonesia. They use English to communicate, on the ship and in the ports.

  • I knew the best way to learn English was to go abroad and study. I enrolled in UBC's Intensive English Program at the English Language Institute.

  • The teachers at the ELI helped with my writing, grammar, and pronunciation, and shared their knowledge and life experiences. They really thought about how to improve my English.

  • Through the ELI's Sea to Sky Club, I discovered I loved hiking. There are mountains near downtown and great nature. I hadn’t done much exercise before I came to Vancouver.

  • When I arrived in Vancouver, I could not have a conversation in English. Now when I speak English, I can express my personality.

    I have taken a big step to reaching my language goals, and realizing my dream of sailing around the world. I'll never forget my experiences at UBC.

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