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    Sean's Story

  • When I was young, I wanted to be a professional comic book writer.

    It was a dream I had since I was five years old.

  • I grew up running around and playing superheroes in the woods and fields of Rossland, BC. It’s where I read my first comics, learned to daydream, built architecturally unsound treehouses, and spent endless hours discussing whether Stormtroopers were robots or humans while leaning on the handlebars of my BMX.

  • Twenty years ago, there weren’t any courses to teach me how to get my stories down on paper. So I taught myself to write: I studied Stan Lee, and I talked to writers, artists, and filmmakers. I watched every kind of movie I could think of, especially ones with director’s commentary.

  • In 2000, I joined a Vancouver gaming company as a tester. I worked on game ideas and stories on the side, and one of my concepts landed me a role writing dialogue and plot for a snowboarding game. I’ve been writing and producing video games ever since.

  • Developing my own creative processes was a long, difficult, and challenging journey. At UBC Continuing Studies, I have an opportunity to pass on what I've learned to a new generation of students.

  • I love how insanely enthusiastic the students are. I feel incredibly fortunate to be helping the next generation of game writers create new worlds, unique adventures, and exciting narratives.

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