An Agile Approach

  • An Agile Approach

    Anne's Story

  • I am an architect, a rowing coach, and a project manager.

    Design and communication inform my life and my career.

  • After eight years of teaching, coaching, and rowing, I sought a career change. As an architect, I learned to think about culture, interconnected systems, and communication ā€“ skills that lend themselves well to project management.

  • When I was researching project management programs, UBC Continuing Studies Agile and Scrum courses stood out. I could learn about the latest methods and practices from outstanding instructors.

  • Even though I was only one of two students in my classes not in the software industry, I felt at home. Our instructors were outstanding and made Agile and Scrum principles accessible and understandable.

  • Agile and Scrum are very much like rowing. You're part of a team where everyone is working toward a carefully articulated, tightly timed goal. Technical development is essential, and results are owned by the whole team.

  • Taking the Agile and Scrum courses has brought me new clarity in understanding the relationships between people, processes, and products. Iā€™m now using my skills and knowledge in my consultancy to create organizational change.

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