Hidden Treasures

  • Hidden Treasures

    Andrea's Story

  • Every time you coach someone, you also learn about yourself.

    It's like opening a box of hidden treasures.

  • When I was offered an opportunity to work with an organizational coach at UBC, I said absolutely. I couldn't think of a better way to develop as a director, teacher, and mentor.

  • Three years ago, my coach asked me if I would consider becoming a certified coach. I wondered: How would I fit it in with work? What would going back to school be like? I talked to other coaches, and looked into different programs.

  • The UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching spoke to me. The instructors were supportive and my classmates were amazing. It was challenging, humbling, and fun, and took me out of my comfort zone.

  • Now, rather than giving my students answers or directions, I show them a different way of looking at challenges. With coaching, I help them gain new perspectives by asking the right questions.

  • What I learned has spilled over to other parts of my life. I have created new daily habits, and I bring more to my career at the Faculty of Dentistry. And I know there is more yet to be discovered.

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